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Apes of Wrath unlocked. Women of Impact and Kari unlock at $32,000

Impact! Miniatures has 9 days left in their 20 Fantasy Football Team Kickstarter campaign and they're working their way through stretch goals.

Women of Impact


From the update:

Since we are entering the final 10 days ... I wanted to keep the updates coming out as we have new information to share.

Thanks to our great backers we have unlocked the Apes of Wrath team. 18 figures in Standard and 25 figures in Deluxe. Image of the team has been posted already to the front page of the KickStarter.

At $32,000, we'll unlock the Women of Impact! team. While this team is most likely going to be put on the football field (although that would be an interesting look) ... they are the force on the sidelines that keep the team in the game and going when the chips are done. 17 of Impact! different female sideline figures and one set of Beer Barrels to serve up your favorite brew.