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Aperture 360 releases Beastmen of the North

Aperture 360 has some new Beastmen of the North available over in their webstore.

From the release:

Original set of 5 fantasy figures sculpted by ResinRanger, casting by Aperture 360. Based on a fictional fantasy Northern tribe of Beast like men who’s thirst for battle is relentless, and their quest for the expansion of the Boreas Realm neverending. The elder flag bearer is blessed and burdened with displaying the Boreas Coat of Arms and carries across his shoulders the remnants of locks from fallen heroes, and must keep close at hand the elder scrolls carried by the youngling. He also has a monocle which greatly enhances his vision. The other warriors proudly display their colors and symbols whilst weilding their massive weapons and shields. Each possesses great upper body strength and are skilled at the art of close hand to hand combat. The fantasy figures measure 50mm in height, and weight is 90g, the base on which they are pictured is for promotional photos only and is not available in the set. The base does include 2 TechTiles as well as some of the landscape rocks and column which are all available in the store. Please note that this set is limited to 300 castings only.