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Anvil Inudstry holds "Rename the Steam Lords" contest

Anvil Industry wonders what's in a name... Well, it's everything. They want to rename their Steam Lords line and they'd like your help.

STEAM LORDS RENAMING - suggestions and feedback please!! Free minis up for grabs if I end up using a suggestion.

I picked the name "Steam Lords" because I needed a name for some miniatures a while ago, I didn't put much thought in to it.

Ive since developed the concept and background of the miniatures, and in future I intend to focus less on the historical elements and more on the themes of the "Hard Edged" Near Future Sci-Fi world I envisage these soldiers fighting over.

I want the new name to describe what they are, it has to be short and punchy - my initial thoughts include stuff like "Mech Lord" "Exo-Lord" "Mech Legionnaire". "Exo-Mech Infantry" etc etc

But I thought I would open it up to you guys - feedback on my ideas and your own suggestions please