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Anvil Industry has new Steam Lord heads as well as Miniatures From the North models

Anvil Industry has a bunch of new things for you. They've got 3 new sprues worth of Steam Lords heads you can use to customize your forces as well as 2 new sets for Miniatures From the North: Aether Pirates and Fallen Dwarves.

From the update:

Anvil Industry has three brand new Head/Helmet sets for our Steam Lords and other Heroic Scale 28mm miniatures. Now available-

Unhelmed Heads with hair/beards.
Hooded Heads
Skull Helms.

Each head on each set is different.

We also have two brand new products from Miniatures of the North-

The small but ferocious Aether Pirate Airship Crewman,
and our first fantasy miniatures - Fallen Dwarf Phalanx

All these new products are available now for shipping after the bank holiday weekend.