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Anvil Industry has new arms and bionics

Anvil Industry has retooled their bionics as well as some arms for your modeling needs.

From the update:

I have fully revamped the Steam Lord bare arms and the new versions are much higher quality as well as proportioned better, additionally the new sprues also contain pistol grip hands for use with my range of Steam Lord weapons. I will be releasing "Rifle Arms" for my Widow Maker weapons in the near future.

I am also proud to unleash my "Multi Pose Bionics" product. These new Bionic arms are fully poseable in two parts and can be used as either left or right arms, they also come in three different sizes, allowing almost any miniature to be upgraded with bionics in virtually any pose. The Steam Lord scale Bionic sprue (medium) comes complete with some extra bionic hand options.