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Anvil Eight Previews The Wurm For Aetherium

We've all heard about computer worms. They're nasty, little programs that can infect your system and just keep on tunneling through. That might be annoying enough as-is, but in the world of Aetherium, you might just run into The Wurm, one of the terrors of the Rhommox Faction.

From the preview:

Today we sneak a peek at the final Rhommox Function: The Wurm. Yet another omni program in the Rhommox collective, Wurms fulfill the traditional role of omni programs: large stability grid and high damage potentials. Unlike other omni programs, the Wurm also has some nifty mobility, able to transport itself, or an unlucky target, across the server to friendly controlled nodes and pylons. This guy has been in Aetherium since the very beginning, cant wait to release it to the world!