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Anvil Eight Previews the Beetle For Aetherium

The Rhommox are not like any other faction that's in Aetherium. These beast-like programs aren't out for personal gain or some political agenda. They're just looking to destroy. And within that horde, the Beetles are some of the biggest and toughest. They're also able to make sure their disruption effects trigger automatically, certainly something to watch out for if you see one charging at you.

From the post:

Tonight's Rhommox first look shows off the Beetle, a mighty function level omni program. This beast is your typical omni program: large and tough. The Beetle sports a large stability grid and can ignore the effects of disruption powers from enemy programs. It can make itself more vulnerable to enemy attacks to gain the ability to guarantee that its own disruption ability triggers, allowing it to throw enemies behind it: either into quantum noise or closer to your own collective.

The Beetle is special to the Rhommox as this piece of concept art has been with us since the very beginning of Aetherium, and helped guide the look of the faction from the very start.

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas to you all from the team here at Anvil Eight games!