Anvil Eight Previews Micros For Aetherium

Just about anyone that's gotten a computer bug knows just how hard they can be to get rid of. Once your computer is infected, it seems to take the combined might of several IT professionals, multiple anti-virus programs, and no less than 4 sacrificial offerings to clear your computer. Well, in Etherium, those computer bugs are personified in the Micros. These little critters might not do much damage on their own, but they're almost impossible to get rid of.

From the preview

Introducing the Micros, another linked subroutine for the Rhommox! These robust creatures make the ultimate tarpit unit for your collective. They don't deal much damage, but their ability to soak damage is impressive. They can also form up into a nigh impenetrable wall when locking their armor plates together. Finally, they have the ability to knock enemies into the quantum noise with the help of their plow shaped heads. Stay tuned for more!