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AntiMatter Games updates their website and Kickstarter campaign

AntiMatter Games has upgraded and integrated their website to incorporate their blog, DeepWars and ShadowSea. Plus, they've got some new stuff going on with their Kickstarter as well.

From the update:

AntiMatter Games has launched its new website that combines the elements of its blog and the store from the previous sites.

This will be where information about DeepWars and ShadowSea will be found, and where folks can link up with the ShadowSea kickstarter, which is going well so far.

We just added some concept art for the Sunless Kingdom, a fourth force that will be unlocked as a stretch goal once the ShadowSea Kickstarter reaches its target funding goal. Other forces, such as the summoners of eldritch horrors, the Order of Yosoth, and the vicious Draconid Legion. Hopefully we can get enough backers to help create starter sets for all of the forces.