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AntiMatter Games Previews Green Hag For DeepWars

There's all sorts of crazy things beneath the waves. The ocean depths hold monsters we're barely able to even imagine. In DeepWars, those creatures are under your command in their conflicts with one-another. One of these strange creatures is the Sea Hang. AntiMatter Games is showing her off. You can pick up yours next year.

From the post:

The Sea Hag, or “Ginny Greenteeth” as the pirates of the Fortune Hunters have called her, is a witch of terrible power with an appetite for human flesh. Once the most beautiful of the Nereids, this vile creature experimented with transmutation magic in the ancient caverns of the Stygian Depths below the sunken city of Xibalba. She no longer has the scaly beauty of the Nereids but her lust for magical power makes the Sea Hag share their common goal of protecting Xibalba from invaders, aided by her minions, devious Sea Goblins and brutish Sea Trolls. Ginny Greenteeth will be available in early 2018 for DeepWars.