AntiMatter Games previews Annihilator Heavy Assault Unit green

By Polar_Bear
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May 27th, 2012

AntiMatter Games gives us another Deep Wars green, the Annihilator Heavy Assault Unit.

From the preview:

WIP sculpt of the Annihilator Heavy Assault Unit by Sergio Leon. Almost done now.

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  • Bobofreak

    Awesome!!! I knew I should have bumped my KS investment!!

  • farseer

    You still can update your amount or join up! Anyone still interested in “donating” or upping their kickstarter amount only need goto the Antimatter Games website. Anyone who kicked can up their amount to another level or if you missed the Kickstarter, there are levels available to kick to and get rewards (though not as good as the original kicker’s rewards). You can even get custom model that you design/create with the Deep Wars staff for the game!

    Antimatter Games Website

    After seeing all the concept art on the kickstarter updates pages, facebook and the Shadowsea website, I upped my level just my emailing them what level i wanted to goto and he responded very quickly the difference I owed via Paypal.

    Kickstarter updates pages – loads of concept art and greens

    Shadowsea blog

    Official Shadowsea Website- sister game to DeepWars