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AntiMatter Games posts update for Deep Wars and pledge drive

AntiMatter Games is still working their way towards a Deep Wars release, giving us an update on their progress.

From the update:

The base rulebook just got finished and is being edited right now and playtested. It will be made into PDF form at 159 pages, then have some extra material for the printed rulebooks (painting guide, list of kickstarter and pledge supporters, etc). The retail printed book will probably be in black and white for the interior pages, with the color books reserved for direct orders as print on demand. It will probably be a week or two before the final rulebooks are ready to go to print.

Here are some new pieces of artwork that just got added. Now that all of the forces have stats, the game cards are being made and the boxed starter sets getting finished. All of the sets except the Dark Mariners have the figures ready for the starter sets, so hopefully those will be ready for shipment soon too. The goal is to have the starter sets and printed rulebooks by the first half of September so they can start shipping out. Some of the other figures are still being produced, including the commanders and terrain, but we're shooting for September also for those.