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AntiMatter Games posts up new DeepWars artwork

AntiMatter Games has some new DeepWars scenery artwork up. Check out some of the fantastical locations in the game.

From the website:

While the figures are coming along well, we are still working away at the rulebook and getting new artwork done. Here are some WIP images from Marcelo that will be used in the book as well as the website. The first is an image of one of the Ancient structures on the seafloor, waiting to be investigated. The second is a hydrothermal vent field with outcroppings of glowing ether-crystals growing in the highly mineralized water there. The last is an underwater cavern with a citadel of the Nautiloids, tentacled allies of the Dark Mariners. These are just some of the deep-water battle environments. There are also going to be shallow areas with corals, algal forests and other marine life.