AntiMatter Games posts Deep Wars green preview

By Polar_Bear
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May 15th, 2012

AntiMatter Games has a green up of one of their Deep Wars models, the Dark Mariner Vanguard Marine. Well… seems more submarine, but still… here’s the fig.

From them to you:

Here is a sculpt for the Dark Mariner Vanguard Marine.

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  • verythrax

    I like the older Dark marines from ShadowSea way more. I hope it’s just a different king of unit, and those will still be present in the game.

  • Sergus

    If you mean the Dragonblood ones, yes, this one is a new type of troop, because this one is for another game ( Shadowsea ).

    Bu, really do youlike the older ones?

  • luckyb0y

    I like both old and new ones. It fits nicely with the rest of them while expanding the line.

  • That’s a beautiful figure. He has a very fishy look about him and the speargun is fantastic.

  • Orca

    +1 I like the older Dark marines from ShadowSea way more.

    • AntiMatter-Games

      The older vanguard warriors had long robes under their armor and a big shield, which would not work underwater. The old figures are still in production and are for the land-based game ShadowSea. The new figure is for DeepWars, a game entirely under the water, so it swims with webbed feet and carries a spear-like weapon instead of a big pole-arm. Really though, this is only one troop type.