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AntiMatter Games launches ShadowSea Mini-Kickstarter

AntiMatter Games has launched a new ShadowSea mini-Kickstarter campaign to expand their line.



From the campaign:

AntiMatter Games successfully launched ShadowSea this month, a massive undertaking since we had purchased the entire Dragonblood miniatures line midway during the Kickstarter and included that line in the rewards. The Dragonblood purchase, combined with the new sets in the project, allowed AntiMatter Games to create miniatures for all ShadowSea forces, but some holes in the line still remain. While all forces now have miniatures, some forces need a few more miniatures to make Warband Starter Sets and to add specialized troops.

This Mini-Kicker will address this need, giving us the funding to release heroes that were in progress but could not complete and put into production, and produce new miniatures for the Draconid Legion and Order of Yosoth. In addition, we wish to update the Stygian Depth supplement so that it uses the new ShadowSea V2 ruleset as well as sculpt two of the snakemen miniatures that dwell in this deadly realm.

This "Mini-Kicker" is meant to run for 18 days, a short time window that allows us to ship rewards of existing items quickly. New items produced by this project are targeted for rewards shipped in February, 2015. We will try to produce stretch items by that time but if many items are "unlocked" there may be delay for the additional sculpting and casting.