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AntiMatter Games Launches DeepWars - Blood Reef Kickstarter

Under da sea... *ducks from all the things just thrown at me for getting that song stuck in people's heads*
Though this coral reef for DeepWars from AntiMatter Games is a bit more deadly and a lot less cheery than the one in The Little Mermaid. Though there certainly are mermaids in this new Blood Reef expansion set. They're called the Nereids. I don't think they really sing all that much.

This Kickstarter campaign looks to bring you quite a few things. First off is a 2.5th edition of DeepWars. These new rules expand on the previous set, including more combat options and an upgraded form of the activation system (letting you either choose between a basic action, or trying to roll to perform a more complex one). Stat cards for the models have also been upgraded, now coming on tarot-sized cards, giving you more information right on the card.

But what's new for these Nereids? Well, there's full stats for them, their Sea Goblin cohorts, and new beasts of the briny deep. With a new environment comes new dangers as well in the form of whirlpools, riptides, and various forms of coral. There's also rules for playing in and around shipwrecks. Of course, there's new artifacts, spells, special equipment, and abilities, too.

The campaign is more than 5/8 the way to funding and still has 29 days still to go.