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AntiMatter games holds Deep Wars pledge drive

AntiMatter Games is holding a pledge drive on their website to raise funds for a few more models to be available with the initial release.

From the update:

Almost all of the miniatures are done for the starter sets, including the two additional miniatures per force and the commanders for the forces, but we need to keep things moving for the sculptors and take advantage of the time left before DeepWars launches. We spent the early part of the year on concept art for the rulebook, and as such, there are many more finished concepts for miniatures that are already done. We are running a pledge drive to get these new miniatures made in the next three months so they can be ready to ship when DeepWars launches.

The goal will be to hit a target number of $1500 to produce one new medium-sized miniature (30mm base), and an additional miniature for every $1500 afterwards. If things go well we will add in other minis, including some of the larger pieces. This pledge drive includes any of the regular pledges to the right, special deals of 30% off on final boxed sets and rulebooks. These package deals ship when the starter sets and the rulebooks are done in November.