AntiMatter Games’ DeepWars Shallow Shelf Zone Battleboard going to Gencon

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 25th, 2013

AntiMatter Games is headed to GenCon and they’ll be bringing their Shallow Shelf Zone Battleboard with them.

From them to you:

What we have here today is the finished battle board for the Shallow Shelf zone in DeepWars, a region of coral, sand and clear waters. The game board was made by Richard Hale of Battleboards UK and will be at Gencon for demos starting August 15. We took some shots of the board with minis before it was packed up. This scene shows a couple of Dark Mariners fighting against creatures of the Scaly Horde.

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  • Soulfinger

    That is beautiful.

    • Gallahad


  • Sevej

    Well-thought and well-made. Beautiful.

  • Brodee

    The minis were unique and amazing before … but this … just brings it all together. Beautifully done and perfect addition to the hobby.

  • jedijon

    That’s an extremely subtle – yet immensely well executed set of paints. Their design is understated and excellent. The only thing even remotely questionable is the white excoriations on both of the sea creatures. I think these are intended to evoke the same ‘wave effect’ that they’re rockin’ on the floor of their diorama. I’m incredibly jealous!! That’s the coolest thing by far since Rackham.

  • Veritas

    If someone could make a battlemat style product with that paint job I would buy it. I could make the terrain, but that paint job on the board is beyond me.

  • Just chiming in – impressive!