AntiMatter Games attending Adepticon

AntiMatter Games will be making their way to Lombard for Adepticon this upcoming weekend.

I leave a little later today.


From the announcement:

AntiMatter Games will be at AdeptiCon from 11am to 7pm on Friday and Saturday right outside the Vendor Hall. Patrick Weaver will be running the demos for DeepWars there using the beautiful seafloor table done by Battleboards UK, along with different scenic items to add flavor to the games. In addition, there will be a wrecked biotech submersible with an interior that can be explored and battled within. Also appearing at the demo tables will be resin master casts from the new land-based game ShadowSea, so players can get a look at the upcoming models.

The demos will give players a taste of the variety of games that can be played with DeepWars, and for those that want to continue the battles there will be starter sets, rulebooks, miniatures and scenery for sale. Anyone who wants to have some great games under the sea or just chat about DeepWars and ShadowSea, stop on by and meet with our Sea Dog Captain, Patrick.