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AntiMatter-Games Announces Holiday bundles for ShadowSea

AntiMatter-Games has special bundle deals for books, miniatures and terrain for the month of December:

From their announcement:

First is the Large Temple bundle for $249.99 USD, which includes the Large Temple of the Ancients (13 pillars and base plates), ShadowSea PDF rules bundle, 2 Mantrap Plants, 2 Anklebiter Barnacles, and $25 USD worth of your choice of miniatures (let us know what you choose via email before or after payment).

The second bundle includes the regular Temple of the Ancients (9 pillars and 1 base plate), the PDF rules bundle, 1 Mantrap Plant, 1 Anklebiter Barnacle set and $25 USD of your choice of minis, all for $129.99 USD.

A bundle of deadly vegetation includes a set of 4 Maptrap plants for $39.99.

A bundle of the printed ShadowSea books (Deluxe rules, Stygian Depths, Campaign Chronicles) is $64.99, a savings of 30%. The PDF version of the bundle is also reduced, down to $24.99.

Visit the main ShadowSea store to place orders.