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Anthromancer Up On Kickstarter

Most games are simply here to entertain. And there's obviously nothing wrong with that. But Anthromancer looks to be more. Much, much more. It's a game (or, a couple of games, really), a full-length album, a tarot set, a mystery riddle, and more. All brought to you buy the guys behind Dancakes, the world's first professional pancake art company. The project is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

The Anthromancer is a tool for the creation of meaning. We believe that you can view the universe with wonder and find beauty hidden in all things, and we want to share that belief with you and those close to you. We believe that it is our connection to one another which makes our lives meaningful. We believe that each of us contains a spark from which our creativity can spill forth and bring light into the world. We believe that life should be fun. We believe that our short time on this earth should be spent together laughing, smiling, creating and enjoying ourselves in the company of those we love.

This box contains a new type of experience that harmonizes the enjoyment of a game, the pleasure of music, the natural curiosity of mysticism and the hunt for deeper meaning that exists within all of us. We encourage you to think outside of this box, and to view this not as a game or a system of symbols, but as a tool for creating your own experience and for expressing your own truths. We encourage you to experiment. We encourage you to ponder, to dig deeper, to share your ideas with those around you and to seek out and broaden your consciousness.

We believe that words and ideas can be arranged in such a way as to trigger an understanding in those who consume them. And we believe that attempting to trigger this change in others and in ourselves is the noblest goal we can aspire to. This is the Anthromancer. Be Moved.

The campaign is running now and is set to go for another 26 days.