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Antenociti's Workshop update shopping cart

Antenociti's Workshop have added some new features to their online store's shopping cart. From their website:
We’ve been running the (new) current website for almost 6 months now, during which time we’ve been able to monitor use, problems and “stuff that works” and are now in a position to update various parts of the website. As of today there is a new feature which adds items to your shopping cart “on the fly” – this enables you to monitor the contents of your cart, and to adjust numbers of items, without having to go back and forth from the basket pages: all you need to do now is to “Mouse-over” the basket at the top-right of the page and the basket and contents will appear. On top of that we’ve made some code changes to improve the site speed and, finally, in the next week or so we will be changing the site-wide navigation so that everything makes a little more sense, as well as expanding the information on each category and, eventually, each product.