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Antenociti's Workshop release new T-PEA Standard Trooper

T-PEA Standard TrooperAntenociti's Workshop have added the T-PEA Standard Trooper With Twin UD Pistols And Demo Charges figure to their online store. From their website: The Technosphere – Peace Enforcement Agency are the internal security force of the G.O.T. Agency tasked with maintaining and enforcing peace within the boundaries of the Technosphere. Their training, equipment and technology are second only to the Defence Force and superior to anything else within the Technosphere. Whilst they were originally viewed as little more than a traditional, toothless ‘peace-keeping’ force their propensity for dealing with transgressors by the application of sudden and lethal force earned them a reputation of “Shoot first, ask questions later.” The reputation is not undeserved and the arrival of their blue & white vehicles at any battleground is a signal for a rapid escalation in the body count.