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Antenocitis Workshop launches Forward Base Kickstarter

Antenocitis Workshop has launched their Kickstarter campaign for their Forward Base terrain pieces. They're already well over 10x funded with still 11 days to go.


From the campaign:

Forward Base is more than a random collection of scenery products: We set out with a goal of creating a thematic scenery system that would allow the gamer to produce a gaming table that was visually stunning, looked like a believable sci-fi outpost and where the buildings were pre-painted and the resin pre-coloured, to save you time on getting your table up and running and looking great!

So we approached this set with the ideal of having detail scenery at every level, from the microscopes on a laboratory table, through to a collection of buildings which had their own functionalities, but that you could choose how to mix, match and tweak, to suit your needs.

The entire set is compatible with Infinity gaming and 3rd Edition – so certain objects and features are a set size, to give cover to 1 silhouette type but not another, to provide a building structure to hide behind and with scatter to make crossing open spaces as easy or difficult as you chose to make it.

On top of that we wanted to give you, the gamer, the opportunity to make your own add-ons to our scenery: so we are making available all of the scenery-elements that we used ourselves to make Forward Base – lights, doors, windows, hatches, intercoms; all the small components that allow you to change basic structures from boxes into believable buildings…and to thus allow you to alter your own buildings, or to make new ones, to suit yourself.

So Forward Base is far more than a collection of MDF Buildings: it an entire scenery system that allows you to make your own outposts and Forward Operating Bases, to suit your own game scenarios and stories, and one where every piece of scenery and terrain has been created to work with every other piece and all of that to work with Infinity 3rd Edition.

Forward Base is our opportunity to bring everything to market in one go and to give the backer the opportunity to invest in a system that you can assemble and game on without any need to paint, or chose to paint the resin components later, but game with them on the building right away.