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Antenocitis Workshop has new Viper Armoured car

Antenocitis Workshop has a new Viper Armoured Reconnaissance vehicle up on their website.

From the release:

The NRF "Viper" ARV (Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle) is a low to mid-TQ 2-man scout vehicle designed for light-recon teams.

As with most Russian vehicles it emphasises durability and armour over comfort and hi-tech. Atypical of NRF vehicles it utilises an all-over armour design with no vision slit and relies upon external camera systems (vehicle and gun-mounts) and multiple covered GPS and sat-nav systems, as well as a variety of pop-up scanning devices which, when out of use, tuck away underneath armoured covers in various parts of the hull. Internally there are screens for displaying a variety of information on both sides of the Viper, typically the pilot concentrates on the terrain and the co-pilot manages search systems, weapons and comms.