Antenocitii posts generic sci-fi Grav-tank WIP photos

By tgn_admin
In Sci-fi
Aug 8th, 2011

Antenociti’s Workshop have posted photos of an updated, but still WIP, version of their 28mm grab tank.

Grav Tank

From their website:

Here are some WIPS of the new grav-tank based on the Merkava XXII. The turret has been made from scratch and the underside detail has now been added to the model again.

The tank will be available in a couple of weeks time once a new metal-mould has been made for it. Price will be around £28.00p (depending on the metal parts costs).

  • Veritas

    That, sir, is a fine looking tank. If it was 15mm I’d buy it for Gruntz. Unfortunately Infinity doesn’t have any grav tanks. Well, they do have those funky Nomad meteor remotes, but the scale would be off.

  • I like the contrast between this and the skorpion. Very fine work.

  • Nice looking futuristic tech tank!
    My only small problem with it, is it appears to have a belt-fed co-axle machine gun (or some other high rate of fire weapon) and the belt runs half the length of the turret and half way down the main cannon. Wouldn’t that leave the ammo belt needlessly exposed to enemy fire? Making it easy to destroy? and wouldn’t someone need to pop open the turret to reload it? Maybe it is something else, but that’s what it looks like. Even if it is an energy cable, it’d have the same problem. Just seems a futuristic tank might have better protection for the weapon and crew.