Antenociti post 28mm Jeep preview

Antenociti's Workshop have posted images of their upcoming 28mm G.O.T. Jeep vehicle. Jeep From their website:
Some renders of the new G.O.T Jeep that will be out in limited numbers for the COLOURS show shortly – the jeep is actually printed, polished and being cast in 28mm, a 15mm version will follow in a couple of months or so. Also planned are drivers and gunners for 28mm as well as stowage, each kit will come with both alternate tops which are interchangeable, so you can use it as an open-top jeep, hardtop or Squad Support Weapon variant. The weird colours in the renders are just to show various separate parts and components, body and top parts + wheels are resin cast, then there are about 14 metal parts and some clear acrylic for the front windows.