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Another Stupid Game with Monsters up on Kickstarter

Another Stupid Game with Monsters (seriously, that's what they're calling it. It's not an editorial about the game or system by me, I promise!) is up on Kickstarter and looking for funding. In this new card game, you play as an evil-mad-wizard-scientist-villain who is looking to be the greatest amongst all evil-mad-wizard-scientist-villains. To do this, you must defeat your foes by summoning and sending into battle horrible beasts from around the universe and elsewhere. Grab your monster, sick them after your enemy, and watch the mayhem. If you win, you gain your opponent's monster as a trophy. At the end of 6 rounds, the one with the most trophies wins.
The campaign is up and running now and is set for another 27 days.

From the campaign:

Another Stupid Game with Monsters is a simple 2 to 4 player card-based battle game. It allows you, for around 10 minutes, to become an evil-mad-wizard-scientist-villain, as you attempt to defeat other evil-mad-wizard-scientist-villains in glorious combat.

Through 6 rounds of battle, you will become what others hate, and also hate others for what they have become. Your greatest power is the ability to summon the most powerful monsters from around the world, and even from other dimensions. These magnificent creatures will do almost anything that you command! Except doing laundry. Let’s face it, that’s pushing it.

Battles will take place at your home. Sorry, but we blew a lot of our budget on special effects, so we didn't have much left over for a better location. Your house will have to endure this.

Each player starts by opening a gate to other worlds. From there, he or she can summon the most vicious and terrifying monsters you have ever seen! Like Marvin, the man-fish. Now, after you have obtained your creature, there is only one obvious thing left to do- send it to KILL! Other players are the best kind of target.

If your creature wins against another player’s creature, you can keep its opponent’s corpse as a trophy. It will look awesome mounted above your fireplace. As a bonus, if your monster has endured their enemy’s savage attacks, you can keep it as a trophy, too! Every round, you summon your next creature and attempt to kill the other player’s pets. The player with the most trophies at the end of the match wins.

Now for the tricky part! Each monster has a unique and weird ability that will mess with the game in some way. You could lose all your trophies, exchange trophies with other players, or see through your enemy’s evil plans. Players need to do exactly what the ability says if it is triggered, so it can backfire and even hurt the creature’s master.

Be bold, be devious, and be sharp. Use the monster's strengths and abilities to turn the game around. In the end, there can be only one winner. And no-one will argue with how you achieved your goals.

This kickstarter campaing is live until may 20.