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Another mounted model artwork preview posted by Ax Faction

Ax Faction continues their artwork previews of the new line of mounted miniatures they're working on with a look at the Grizzled Veteran.

From the preview:

'You can smell 'em out, see. Mangy stinkin' fur, get in your barns, slaughter yer livestock - cruelty is a game to 'em, murder is fun. Best thing is to cull em, smash 'em between the eyes and string 'em up to warn the rest of their stinkin' kin to bugger off from yer land. Yeah, thats what I do, they only understand a strong arm, see, and I've been doin' this for a ton of seasons... a veteran ye could say.'

- Grizzled Vet - Bugbear Trapper and Siegebreaker.

So, here we have the fifth and final of the interchangeable rider and mount concepts! Hope you all like him!

I'll post up the sixth and last of series 2 mounted hunters - which is a standalone mini - next Thursday! Let's see who is most popular and get sculpted first, so please 'like' your favourite of the selection! Thanks!