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Another Forgotten King Production Update

Soda Pop Miniatures keeps us up-to-date with their Forgotten King Super Dungeon Explore expansion progress.


From the campaign:

We received a gift of 6" of snow and still snowing here at Soda Pop Central. Perfect day for staying inside and playing a little Super Dungeon Explore with a hot beverage.
Print Production

Classic Mode Rulebook: Done!
Arcade Mode Rulebook: Laid out, in editing.
Explorer’s Handbook: Done!
Hero Cards: Done!
Classic Monster Cards: Done!
Arcade Monster Cards: Done!
Explore Deck: Done!
Arcade Command Deck: Done!
Packaging: Core box done. Remaining packaging in layout.
Dungeon Tiles: Done!
Quick Start Rules: Laid out, in editing
Coloring Book: awaiting layout
Tile Effect Cards: Done!
Core Treasure Deck: Done!
Loot Deck: Done!
Upgrade and Expansion Treasure: Done!

The two big items that were completed since our last print update are the Classic Mode Rulebook and the Arcade Monster Cards. Finishing them literally had me running through the warehouse in mad glee.

The Arcade Rulebook, the remaining packaging, and Quick Start Rules are the last large, time consuming, print items to accomplish and we are steadily working through them.