Announcing Unseen Lerker Magazine

Issue2Cover.jpgThere is a new tabletop gaming magazine available called Unseen Lerker Magazine. From their announcement: Unseen Lerker is a new and exciting independent gaming magazine which takes a refreshing and uplifting look at the game of Warhammer and the many facets of the surrounding hobby. Contained in each bi-monthly issue of this hard-copy gaming magazine are battle reports from top players around the world, painting and modelling articles, terrain building guides, a regular tactics column, interviews with tournament winners or other notable individuals within the gaming community, reviews, rants, and maybe even the occasional dose of juvenile humour. The prime mission statement of Unseen Lerker, apart from delivering a quality read with every issue, is to create and maintain an ‘international’ product with contributors from every continent having input. This way not only can you read about things that might interest you abroad, but also hear from all your favourite local heroes when it comes to their take on the hobby. Unseen Lerker is a gaming supplement not to be missed – in every issue there are also competition prize draws for subscribers, as well as the opportunity for anyone to get published if they have an article that fits the bill. Unseen Lerker is a unique publication which is being hyped as the most exciting release in Warhammer in the last 12 months.