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Announcing the Titans Game Design Seminar

Calliope games keeps chugging along on their Titan Series Kickstarter. They're getting closer and closer to reaching their base funding goal. To help things along, they've announced the Titans Game Designer Seminar. Do you have an idea for a game? That's a silly question, of course. I've never met a gamer who didn't have at least one, if not several dozen ideas for a game. Anyway, now backers of the Titan Series at the Titan and Mt. Olympus levels will be able to participate in game-design sessions held by some of the top names in game design today.

Game designers Rob Daviau, James Ernest, Mike Elliot, Mike Mulvihill, and Jordan Weisman are going to be hosting a set of 5 one-hour segments that will be posted online for backers of the Titans at the aforementioned levels. Such knowledge and shared stories of experience is invaluable for anyone who wants to follow their dream of designing and getting a game to market. But you'd better hurry. The Kickstarter only has 12 days left on it, and still needs about $6k to make it to their goal.