Announcing the Tabletop Gaming News Blog Network

Tabletop Gaming News is proud to announce the opening of the TGN Blog Network.

The Tabletop Gaming News Blog Network aims to be a central location to find interesting gaming material and articles from a selection of the many wargaming and painting blogs on the internet.

The Blog Network aggregates feeds from numerous blogs and puts the content into a central location that you can search and browse conveniently. All links lead back to the original sites so when you want to read articles on comment on them you do so there and not on this site. Full articles are not available on this site. The idea is to use the TGN Blog Network as a portal to new content but that the original blogs still receive the traffic and recognition for their work.

This site is currently in its first version and there are plans to expand the ability to search content and tags amongst other features. You can see the ten most recent blog posts on the TGN sidebar and also subscribe to the site’s RSS feed if you want.

If you would like to add your blog to the network please check out our requirements.

If you have any questions or comments about the site please use the contact form on TGN to send them.