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Announcing Guardians Chronicles, a new superhero-inspired board game

Figouz has announced a new superhero-themed board game they've been working on entitled Guardians Chronicles. They'll be running a Kickstarter project for the English version of the game soon.

From the announcement:

The game will be published at first by The Red Joker and financed on Kickstarter in association with Iello USA.
The Kickstater campaign should start around April 15th and will concern only the English version of the game.
The French version should follow a short time later with Iello France, without the use to the crowdfunding.

Guardians Chronicles is a board game in which 1 to 4 players plays the heroes of the Liberty Patrol and cooperate to undo the hostile plans of the naughty Super Villain embodied by another player : Pr Skarov.
The heroes will have to complete various objectives and beat the Professor, whereas the latter tries to eradicate them by means of his fellow villains (and robots).

Every player has to manage his set of actions cards stock to his character, wich represents his powers, his capacities and the equipments which he can use during the missions.
Malefic Pr Skarov will have to manage points of action which will allow him to activate his army of naughty robots and underling, as well as the multiple traps and obstacles of his base !

The Game box will be full of cool stuff :

- 29 figurines with 9 different sculptures : 4 heroes of the Liberty Patrol and the villains : 1 Pr Skarov, 2 x10 robots, 3 Bushi sisters, 1 Iron Turtle.
- 9 tiles both sides (to create a modular base)
- 7 to 10 actions cards by Hero
- 20 events cards
- 5 d6 special
- Numerous of cool tokens.