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Announcing Forge of Destiny Miniatures Game

Forge of Destiny is a new sci-fi miniatures game that has been in development for quite some time. Well, the creators feel they're close enough now to launch to let everyone know about it (the rules are on their last run through playtesting). The game has 3 races mostly-done, with a 4th on the way.

From them to you:

Dear All!

After two years of development we are happy to present to you the Forge of Destiny, our new sci-fi wargame that is now almost complete, with 3 out of 4 armies already sent for copying for painting purposes and the forth one being 3-D printed as I write this article =) The rules are also in their last waves of play-testing.

Having played many different games and systems, we decided to create a game that was designed BY players FOR players and WITH players in mind:
• We made it our aim to create a fast, aggressive game that encourages careful planning and is not too favorable towards reckless play;
• The game according to play testing usually takes between 35 and 50 minutes for a session with the 2-player starting set. We try to make this session duration standard for our games;
• The general rule set is approximately 40+ pages long together with all appendices, and is easy to understand;
• Alternating activation system is used, which enables both players to enjoy the game simultaneously;
• Unit cards are used in many ways, including in activation sequences;
• Players use both d6 dice and regular playing cards for the purposes of game play. The mechanics of playing cards are not related to any used in existing games, such as Malifaux;
• Playing fields/tiles form an important part in the game with various biome-specific rules. For each game the field is laid out by the players semi-randomly, creating unique pcombinations of terrain features;
• Rules favor expansion of playing scale, however small games are as easily played as larger conflicts;
• We invented several new mechanics for list building, unit upgrades and force organization . For example, there are no “point per unit/upgrades” values in FoD, and army composition is majorly reliant on chosen HQ units;
• The world is fresh and new, and allows for endless development, inventions and interesting ideas;
• We intend to engage players into decision-making process related to the game’s world, and possibly even to design of miniatures.

On our Facebook page you will find more information, fluff, arts (including box-arts), renders and pictures of metal models ready for painting! The web-site will be available later as we get the models from the painter.

We will keep in touch with you with more news and hope that you take a moment to look at the game that we created! We will be happy for any feedback and ideas that you may have! Thank you very much =)