ANKUR: Land of the First People Sourcebook Up On Kickstarter

While Ankur takes place in the far-off future, when one forgets their history, they forget their present. So, as humanity heads out to the stars, it’s important to look back at where it all began and how the people that still live there have changed over time. Land of the First People is a new sourcebook for the Ankur RPG that heads to the African continent and gives detailed descriptions of the peoples and civilizations that still inhabit the land. The book is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

ANKUR – “Land of the first people” is a game setting supplement for the tabletop role-playing game ANKUR. The book details the city-states of Kumat, Meluha, and Zimbabwe; located in the continent of Mundwazi (Africa). The book introduces new professions, skills, and weapons to help make characters from this setting more unique. Inside you’ll also find a host of new creatures, places of interest, NPCs, organizations and adventure hooks that will help GMs immerse their players in this expanded world.

What is ANKUR?:

For the un-initiated, ANKUR (Kingdom of the gods) is a sci-fi tabletop roleplaying game based on a mixture of ancient mythology and the ancient astronaut theory. It was the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2017. It uses a D12 system.

What’s New?:

Now, the people and lands of the African continent (Mundwazi) will be detailed within the ANKUR game world.

My goal is to create a supplement for ANKUR that details the people and environment of Mundwazi (Africa). I will pull from real-world African mythologies & customs and add a sci-fi twist to create what I believe will be a great setting to adventure in. The first ANKUR book primarily detailed the region of Shinar (middle-east). My hope is to eventually provide detailed supplements for all the continents/sub-continents (Africa, India, Asia, the Americas, and Australia). Below are excerpts from the ANKUR core rules book on the 3 major city-states in Mundwazi (Africa).

The game is getting really close to its funding goal, though there’s only 9 days left for them to get there.