Anima Tactics new releases have shipped

By tgn_admin
In Sci-fi
Jun 29th, 2011

Cipher Studios have shipped the latest Anima Tactics figures.


From their announcement:

It’s that time again. Lilith and the Female Empire Agent are making their way to a retailer near you, by way of the friendly distributor network.

  • Repeter

    Guys, I love your game and won’t ever stop buying into it, so please take my criticism as constructive: Everytime an Anima Tactics new release is announced and it isn’t Morrigan or Theurgia, I die a little (ok, maybe a bit overdramatic there). Those characters are from a book that has been out for quite some time and they need to be released. Even very understanding customers like myself are starting to get very, very impatient.

    • -DE-

      Morrigan is coming out next month, and Theurgia in two months. There are already painted pics of Morrigan on Giraldez’s blog. Oh, and to nitpick a bit – there is no trace of Theurgia in the rulebook. If it wasn’t for Hiro’s card we wouldn’t even know it existed. And to crush your dreams a bit – rumour has it it’s not being sculpted by the guy who did the other gears (Yannick Hennebo), but by someone else; I might be wrong but I believe it’s the same guy who did Raziel Nk-X.

      • Repeter

        This is all great news–and you are right about the gear being introduced on Hiro’s card–forgot about that. Still, it feels like forever that I’ve been waiting for him. As far as the sculptor for Theurgia, I am cool with that. I pretty much like all the sculpts from the line so far…

  • Repeter

    Btw, Lilith is going to rock for the Empire–LOVE IT!!

  • @Repeter – Thank you for your interest in and love of Anima. As DE mentions Morrigan is up next, so she will be going out as soon as we can produce her. Theurgia is currently with the painter. Unfortunately we need to get painted pics of him before we will be able to make his box packaging. So it may still be a little while before we are able to ship him.

    • Repeter

      No worries Dave, I’m in it for the long haul. AT is by far my favorite game (and I play a-freaking-lot of games!). Maybe that’s why I meow so hard every month when I don’t get those two models? Anyway, I just saw the painted pics of Morrigan and my jaw still hurts from the collision it had with the floor. I posted it to my friend’s FB page and she freaked too. We both agreed the model is even better than the art led on. As always, great job.