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Angry Mojo Games, a new terrain and token-making company

Angry Mojo Games is a new company that's making laser-cut terrain and tokens. They'll be running a Kickstarter campaign starting next week for a new line of terrain.

Angry Mojo Games


About their upcoming campaign:

We love miniatures games, and you can't play them without terrain. Well, you can, but that gets really boring really fast. With all the laser cut MDF terrain out there you're probably asking yourself "what makes these guys different?"

We have a very specific goal in mind with our terrain; the ability to throw enough scenery on a table to play a good game for an MSRP of $50. Yes, that's an absurdly low price compared to the market value. It's also how we want it. Here at Angry Mojo Games, we believe that games are meant to be played, not just looked at.

If you're at home, the price of terrain excludes much of the gaming community from playing. Game stores quickly run into the problem of expensive terrain consuming their budget, followed by the inevitable maintenance cost of repairing broken scenery. Our goal is to get those costs as low as possible without sacrificing appearance. Our designs are coming along very well towards this ideal, but we've hit the point where we simply can't do it at the speeds we're working with.

This is where you, oh mighty and wise backer, come in. We have a laser cutter, we just need a more powerful tube. Once that bigger, more powerful tube comes in that means faster cutting times. Faster cutting times means better fulfillment and more terrain in each box. This means more terrain on your table, and more awesome.

What's that you say? Fulfillment in December of this year? Yeah, we thought we should mention that. Unlike most Kickstarters in this vein, we already have the laser cutter and a material supplier. We've been in production for a few months, in fact. Because of this, we can begin production and fulfillment the moment Kickstarter and Amazon payments puts the check in our grubby little hands. All we need is the upgraded tube, and our supplier is local.

Our December fulfillment date is our estimated time to begin fulfillment, and we'll be shipping in the order people backed our project. Updates during and after the kickstarter will give estimates for the actual delivery dates. We want as many packages in your hands before the holidays as we can get.