Angel Barracks UK stockist for Simply 6

Angel Barracks is now the sole UK stockist for products from Simply 6.

From their announcement:

I am excited to be offering the Simply 6 range through the Angel Barracks website. There will be no increase in prices and the range will continue to grow.

By closing down his retail arm, Steve of Simply 6 will be able to concentrate on sculpting and I will handle all the orders and packing and so on, giving him more time to produce some of his excellent buildings.

There will be a few deletions from the range due to mould quality and sales history, so to clear stock I will be producing a special offer soon.

Watch this space.

There will also be some exciting new bundle packs on their way. Still watch this space, only a bit later…

The Simply 6 web store will re-direct to Steves blog where you can see what he is up to and pester him with ideas for new sculpts and admire his handy work.

The future is bright, the future’s sixy.
Michael & Steve.