Angel Barracks now stocking Total Battle Miniatures

By tgn_admin
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Jan 6th, 2011

Angel Barracks is now stocking products from Total Battle Miniatures.

Lutheran Seminary

From their announcement:

I am pleased to announce that even more 6mm greatness is coming to Angel Barracks. I am starting to stock the Total Battle Miniatures resin 6mm buildings.

Funds are tight at the moment so initial stock holding will be lower than I liked, BUT there will be stock and re-stocks quickly. Why not pick up some other bits and bobs to go with them too, trees, fences, hedges, bridges, scatter material.

Fill your boots

  • I have quite a few of the Total Battle Miniatures items for 6mm (They do other scales). Quality is very high and they make an awesome addition to the gaming table … just my 2p

  • They are very nice.
    So tempted to play ACW just to use some of their stuff..

  • Veritas

    Wow, I’m not an historical player, but that’s stunning for a 6mm building.

  • papasmrf667

    What are some popular systems using 6mm?

  • depends on many many things papasmrf667

    Drop me an email to discuss :

    [email protected]

    or join the 6mm forum:

    link text

    • Bostich

      Lasalle can use 6mm , which is my primary interest.

      I literally just got my package of these in the mail today.

      Quick Review: Excellent! I’m loving the detail. I can’t wait to get these painted and based-up.