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Angel Barracks has a new website

Angel Barracks have revamped their website. From their announcement:
I have invested some money in Angel Barracks and I am now stocking over 280 more products than before. I decided that the site needed a bit of an overhaul before adding these new items so I have rebuilt it. It is very similar in appearance to before but has all the extra items and half as many pages, many of which are half the size they were. I still use PayPal which means you can use your PayPal account or pay via a credit or debit card. I have also altered the postage so that the cart now includes EU postage rates and not just UK. I have also decided that any orders over £100.00 go postage free, even outside the EU. I have also begun the process of stocking sizes other than 6mm. Don't expect anything bigger though, I have taken stock of some 2mm and will be getting some more and maybe smaller things at some point. Anyway - why not take a look and see if you spot anything you want. You can get your dice, paints, brushes, rules, figures, buildings and much more in one place.