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Angel Barracks 6mm Wire Barriers Now in Stock

Angel Barracks is now stocking wire barriers for 6mm scale:

From their website:

Some of you may know that my current thing is FUBAR.

I have decided that I am going to make a Camp Bastion style model for my games next and that means lots of HESCO© style defences.

I had a look round for some but did not find any I liked, so I had a chat with Ian Kay of Irregular Miniatures Limited and he agreed to make some.

So here we are, I am now stocking 6mm HESCO© style wire defences.

We decided that it be best if the strips were stackable and we also wanted single strips to be tall enough that a based 6mm figure could stand behind one and not be seen.
As such they may appear a bit taller and narrower than the actual ones used today at Camp Bastion.
BUT remember these are not meant to be those, these are just inspired by the design.

Anyway, hopefully you like them! -Michael.