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Andromeda Fight League, a new card/board game now available

Daedalus Games is happy to release Andromeda Fight League, their new card/board game. Players draft their team of fighters (or you can pre-make your teams) and move them around the game board, looking to knock out their opponent's team. Tactical movement is everything if you want to come out on top.


From the website:

Assemble a ten member Fight Team by draft or using pre-made decks.

Strategically place five Fighters on your Terrain Board opposite your opponent's Fighters to start the game. The object of the game is to tactically position and move your Fighters to destroy your opponent's Fighters. This is called a Skirmish. (Each Skirmish lasts 10-15 minutes.)

When a player destroys all five of their opponent's Fighters, the destroying player has won the Skirmish. Best two out of three Skirmishes wins the match.

The concept is fairly straight forward, but similar to Chess, the options and potential for depth of thought, strategy and skill are endless depending on the player...