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Android: Mainframe Now Available From Fantasy Flight Games

In the world of Android, any small gap in your computer security is going to be immediately exploited by anyone and everyone. Well, Titan Transnational Bank's software created such an opportunity. So now it's a race against time as hackers rush in to grab whatever they can before 1) someone else gets it or 2) the bank's own net security closes the breach. Get in there and get the goods, that's the story behind Android: Mainframe, a new abstract board game from Fantasy Flight Games that's available now.


In the game, you play as one of those computer hackers (or "runners" as they're called). Using your various programs available to you, you place, destroy, or relocate partitions on the board. Each program is a bit different, making each runner play a little bit differently. Using those partitions you'll create access points that make sure you're not locked out of the most lucrative parts of the board.