Ancible moving to PDF publishing

Ancible magazine is moving to a PDF based print and distribution system.

From their announcement:

I need to update you with some news from the Ancible.

Here in the office we’ve been doing a lot of learning. Learning is normally a good thing but some lessons are painful. We’ve learnt about challenges of distribution, the realities of a post credit crunch world, about the vagaries of the global postal system, and the appetites of the science fiction and fantasy wargaming population.

In a nutshell we’ve learnt it’s not easy to make a printed magazine pay for itself.

We still believe that the Ancible has something important to offer, something no other magazine is bringing to the SF&F wargames world. So we’re going to keep going but we’re switching to PDF only for the time being.

The idea is that we will build interest and reader numbers by making it cheaper to buy and easier to find. We hope one day to be able to return to the world of glossy print but for now I’m afraid issue 4 won’t be landing gleaming doormats across the world, it’s going to land in inboxes instead.

While it seems unlikely I think there’s some good news here  we should start reaching more people pretty quickly, and we’ll still be looking tell people about the products you create. Plus advertising rates just got cheaper.

Our focus on design quality and independent reporting isn’t going to change. They’re what bought us this far and they’re what makes us want to continue. We’ll still be bringing readers the games they don’t yet know.