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Anazi Dynasty for Code Zero Up On Kickstarter

Garage Gaming has launched a Kickstarter in order to fund their Anazi Dynasty miniatures for their Code Zero game. These will be the first miniatures produced for the game (which will come at a later date). Code Zero is a sci-fi miniatures skirmish game, with players collecting together their own troops and looking to complete objectives in order to beat their opponent.

From the campaign:

Code Zero is a 32mm miniatures game which simulates skirmishes and combat set within a sci-fi universe. Players take control of a small squad of troops, broken up into fireteams, competing with each other to achieve one or several objectives to complete their mission. These combat situations take place within a theater of war, on the borders along the core worlds of various factions. This area is often referred to as Code Zero.

Code Zero is designed to create a cinematic feel of gameplay, while reflecting the dynamic ebb and flow of the battle that can happen within any given engagement. The game systems utilizes an action/reaction system that allows both players to interact in a method to keep everyone entrenched with the battle and interacting with each other. By allowing a limited amount of activations between turns, it reflects a great amount of realism and flexibility, providing players with a wide variety of tactical and strategic options that they can employ during the game.

The Kickstarter campaign is about 1/7 funded with still 30 days left to go.