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Anatoli's Game Room reviews Brink of Battle

Anatoli's Game Room has a great review of Brink of Battle, a generic game system usable in almost any time period.

But don't let me tell you all about it. I didn't do the review. They did:

“Brink of Battle: Skirmish through the ages” is a pretty unique set of rules. It is not period or setting specific, instead it allows players to create their own bands of warriors and fight a skirmish battle in any year of human history from ancient times up to modern day. To achieve this without making the game too thin in theme, history is divided into 3 categories. “Ancient/Medieval”, “Early Modern” and “Modern”, each have its own set of character traits for soldiers to pick from, period specific weapons and gear.

The focus is entirely historical gaming, but perhaps the most important thing to know is that this set of rules is a toolbox for your imagination.

Both players roll D10 dice pretty much every time something happens and add various bonuses, skills, penalties, cover etc. Battles are fought on a small scale which means that players takes turns in activating , moving, shooting and fighting with their warriors one at a time. And since the game is played on a small scale, 3-20 models per side, all warriors can be very individual in how their stat line looks like, their weapons and actually conveys a sense of “Dirty Dozen” feel where you can make each soldier different and specialized to a high degree by tweaking the stat lines in the building step.