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Anarchy Models launches new stencil kickstarter

Anarchy Models has launched a new Kickstarter campaign aimed at funding a new set of flexible stencils for painting your minis.
They're funded already, so check out the stretch goals and extras.


From the campaign:

Last year we ran our first kickstarter, for the HD Stencil system, the campaign was a hit, and we have been selling tons of HD Stencils via our web site. Thank you to all our backers from last year, as well as all our customers!

Now its time to bring in a sister product, the HS (high speed) Stencil System.

Now lets just make things 100% clear from the start, HS stencils are NOT a replacement for the HD stencils. Our HD stencils are here to stay.

"So why make a new range?" you may ask

Well, some jobs are only possible, or are more practical to do in one type of stencils or the other, while some can work in both types, but will produce a different effect.