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Anarchy Models HD Stencil System Now live

Anarchy Models has their HD Stencil System, that'd been successfully funded on Kickstarter, available over in their webshop now.


From the announcement:

Thanks to our Kickstarter campaign last year, we are now producing a great range of stencils to add camo, detailing, symbols and words to your miniatures and scenery.

Each HD stencil sheet will be roughly A4 in size (+/- a few mm) and in most cases are designed to fold down the middle to save space.
The plastic film our stencils are made from is specially designed for this purpose;
• It is self adhesive, but with a low tac, to help stop it peeling paint from your models
• Semi re-usable depending on model, paint and care of removal.
• solvent proof.
• It has a moderate amount of stretch to help it go round complicated detail
• transparent for exact application, but grey in colour to see it easily
We have a large range of designs, with something to suit most tastes.