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An Update about Upcoming Dust Releases

Dust Studio keeps rolling with the world of Dust. They give us an update about what they've got in store for the future. First off, they hope to make the Blutkreuz an independent faction, able to play just on their own. They're also working on coming up with models for the Pacific Theater. That's a very major part of the whole WWII experience and they hope to have models representing the forces that fought there soon.

From the update:

This week Paolo has excited the Dust community with an awesome photo and with his comments on Blutkreuz as its own army.

"l really want to release the Blutkreuz as an army to be played independently" -Paolo Parente

What does this mean for the future of the Blutkreuz? Only good things. A separate Blutkreuz army could bring more unique Blutkreuz models. With a full sub-faction comes the ability to create a well-rounded Blutkreuz-themed army of the weird mixed with cutting edge science.

“They are present in the world of Dust as they still exist in our world. They are the stuff of secret societies and cults, perfect for the RPG. l see them trying to summon forgotten gods and mythos with the intention to regain power or simply destroy the world. They are hidden but they are there.”

-Paolo Parente on the Nazi activists background story arc.

The preview sketch shows a cool melee fighter who looks like a cross between Frankenstein’s monster and Wolverine. Unlike Frankenstein’s monster, I doubt this man is looking for friendship and a place in this world - quite the opposite, in fact. He seems to have lots of friends and he definitely has a place in all our Axis armies (or possibly our Blutkreuz armies).

This new Frankenstein’s monster may have to feature in the second installment of my "Incident 4156 - Codename: Death's Mistress" campaign I been working on, working title "Incident 4157 - Codename: Aftermath"

Monsters not your thing?

Well, Dust really has something for everyone, and sometime next year it will have some more variety to offer. While the date is uncertain, Paolo has talked about getting the Vril out next year.

“l truly hope to see the Vril come out next year” -Paolo Parente

I for one cannot wait to see these aliens in the game. Apart from just wanting to see what form they will take, I really think it will take the game to the next level. Spaceships and alien figures in Dust Tactics will be an awesome addition to an already awesome game. Vril will also bring the story to its next chapter and we will get to experience the war that the Axis forces feared from the outset.

Everything in the game is hitting the climax of the story and it is just going to get more and more interesting as the new Blocs come out.

But what is happening right now?
“We are already working on the Pacific Theatre BTW”
-Paolo Parente

Don’t worry - for those who are waiting for Fallschirmjägers and Raketentruppen, Paolo Parente already stated that the Luftwaffe is the next release, which will have us all reaching for our wallets.

-Andrew Haught